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Cruising Guide to Vanuatu

"We have used the Rocket cruising guide to Vanuatu for the past month and it is priceless. " . Captain Carl Brandes 34m MY Masteka2

Know Before You Go

Plan your cruise in Vanuatu with the Rocket Cruising Guide to Vanuatu. Be safe, be sure, know where you are going before you go.

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An Interactive Program

This is not a book, it is an interactive program that works on Windows XP or later and Macintosh OSX 10.7 or later computers.

Based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the cruising guide to Vanuatu gives precise, accurate and colorful information on every practical anchorage in Vanuatu.

Have fun with a virtual cruise throughout Vanuatu and when you arrive you'll have years of local knowledge at your fingertips. Don't miss the good parts, go directly to the places you know are your favorites.
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From Overview to Fine Details

The guide has high resolution photo-charts of the Islands of Vanuatu. It covers all of Vanuatu from the Aneityum in the south to the Torres Islands in the north.

You'll zoom in from all of Vanuatu to the 4 regional views then down to individual islands and anchorages - gaining more detailed information with every level. Each crystal clear high resolution aerial image - has overlays showing depths, navigational aids, sailing directions, approach and anchorage GPS points, approach and anchorage photographs, and points of interest about the area. More details on what's on the Cruising Guide to Vanuatu


Maritime Encyclopedia

The cruising guide is a maritime encyclopedia of information about Vanuatu with hundreds of color photographs. The guide is in  English and French ( ).
You'll find information on:

Plus critical health and social issues, marine charts, and more.

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It is Priceless

"We have used the Rocket cruising guide to Vanuatu for the past month and it is priceless. " 
Carl Brandes Captain of the 37m M/Y Masteka2

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