Cruising New Caledonia

New Caledonia Nature Photography

Enjoy New Caledonia's Beauty

New Caledonia has magnificent wilderness areas
protected by a network of marine and terrestrial reserves.

The natural beauty of New Caledonia forests, rivers, and estuaries is of great value to tourism. There are crystal clear rivers and waterfalls with nobody at all living on the watersheds and walking trails through exotic forests - often marked - to reach these stunning wilderness locations. Click and drag on the image in any direction to see all around this virtual reality image

The bird life and vegetation is highly endemic with cagous, orchids, wild flowers, ferns and giant trees that can only be found in the wilderness areas of New Caledonia. Richard and Frederique have placed hundreds of these images online and they have been widely used on Google Earth, websites, posters, catalogues and magazine articles.

Cagou New Caledonia click & drag on the image

New Caledonia Lagoon and Underwater Photography

The World Heritage Site New Caledonia Lagoon is truly a wonder of the world, with utterly magnificent beaches, tropical lagoon islands, and outstanding diving opportunities. Our photographs help prospective visitors discover this treasure.

Ouvea Paradis Beach Footprints click & drag on the image

Richard Chesher has over 50 years of experience as a professional underwater photographer. His underwater images have been published in National Geographic Magazine,the Encyclopedia Britannica, the New York Times, Readers Digest, and hundreds of other books, magazines and newspapers. His underwater images of New Caledonia's lagoon and marine life are powerful attractors for divers all over the world. They appear on Google Earth, and in the New Caledonia Photo Library.