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An Interactive Program

This is not a book, it is an interactive program that works on Windows XP or later and Macintosh OSX 10.7 or later computers.

Based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the travel guide to New Caledonia gives precise, accurate and colorful information on every tourism feature of New Caledonia.

Have fun with a virtual vacation throughout New Caledonia and when you arrive you'll have years of local knowledge at your fingertips. The New Caledonia guide is used by travel agents, travel training colleges, around the world. The New Caledonia Tourism Office distributed over 100,000 copies to travel professionals around the world.

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From Overview to Fine Details

New Caledonia Hotels, Resorts and Village Accommodation, Restaurants, and Tours throughout New Caledonia.

See exactly where the facility is located on a satellite image then zoom in to see big, full screen, high resolution images, including virtual reality images. You can even look right into the bathrooms - something you won't find on the Internet sites but nice to know before you make a reservation.
You'll find detailed information on over 700 New Caledonia tourism facilities and activities.


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